NIM : 13505047
Name : Reisha Humaira
Supervisor : Yani Widyani, S.T, M.T.
Title : Component-Based System Development with UML Components and EJB
Case Study: Inventory Management System


This final project is about the study of component-based software engineering (CBSE), UML Components as a methodology of component-based development, and EJB from Sun Microsystem as a technology that support component-based development. UML Components and EJB were applied to a case study, the inventory management system development. Nowadays, CBSE has became a well-accepted approach for developing complex software systems. Meanwhile, UML Components only focused on the determination of component specifications. UML Components has not explained how to build components with existing technology.

Analysis was conducted on the correspondence between the concepts used in UML Components with the concepts of CBSE. Mapping from component specifications into EJB were also analyzed. Then, the workflows on UML Components – Requirements, Specification, Provisioning, Assembly, and Test – were applied to build inventory management system. The software requirements and features were defined based on the inventory management cycle taken from literature. The component specifications were used to build some components of inventory management system with EJB technology. The components that have been built were used to build the two different inventory management system, E-Service Center and Symphony Inventory System. The first application used JSP and Java servlets and the second application used the Visual Web JSF.

It can be inferred that the concept of component, interface, and the contract used by the UML Components is fit with the concept of CBSE. There are two types of components produced in UML Components, business components and system components. EJB simplifies the construction of components. A component in EJB is an EJB module that contains at least one session bean. The components that are built in this final froject and the applications that are developed by utilizing the components has already supported a number of business processes in inventory management cycle. From the development of that two inventory management systems, the business components can be directly reused, while the system components still requires modification.

Keywords: component, component-based system, component-based software engineering, UML Components, EJB, inventory management system

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