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ミナンカバウの踊り (Minangkabau Dance)

During my first spring semester in Waseda University, I took several Japanese class. Yeah, but please don’t think that I have good ability in Japanese now. It’s still very very poor.

In one subject, named Me: Japanese Style 1 (日本語で語るわたしレベル1), we were required to make some writings (作文). The topics were about self introduction (自己紹介), hobby (趣味), experience in your country (国の経験), and your comment about the class (このクラスはどうですか?).

Here, I want to post my writing about the experience in my country, Indonesia. Indonesia couldn’t be told only in one writing. Then I choose cultural theme. Since I’m Minangkabau people, and I only know much about Minangkabau, so I wrote about Minangkabau. Again, Minangkabau is too large to write in one writing. Therefore, I wrote about the dance, since it’s one of my interest.

What I wrote in that writing was related to my experience in Unit Kesenian Minangkabau. It couldn’t explain Minangkabau dance in detail, but I’m sure that it could introduce part of Indonesian culture. I was so happy that at the end of the semester I could show them the video of Tari Piring. 🙂

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八チの話 (Hachi’s Story)

Have you watched Hachiko: A Dog’s Story movie? I’ve watched it before I leave for Japan. That movie made me know the story behind a dog’s statue in front of Shibuya station. Shibuya station is near from my dorm. 🙂 Story about Hachi is so touched. You can Google to know the details, or just watch the movie, hehe.

Today, I get some colorful and illustrated papers from my Japanese Pronunciation class. It’s about story of Hachi. Just kinda story for children, but i’m happy receiving it, since I’ve never received colorfull papers from my Japanese class, hehe.

Here are photoes of that papers. (yup, just photoes with a little editing, since I don’t have scanner :P). And Hachi’s story goes… 😀

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